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The most important brands in the world know us for our trustworthiness, and they have direct and constant relationship with us. We worked with some of the most known brands and groups, such as Kering Eyewear. We only assure authentic and original glasses with very affordable prices that only internet can give. Your satisfaction, your security and your privacy are our priorities.

One of the secrets of La Gatta’s success is our teamwork, that every day improves the relationship with our customers and offers an excellent level of service.

Over thirty years, thousands of people around the world chose to buy at La Gatta for our reliability and competence.

La Gatta is a place for Eyewear Lovers

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The introduction of lenses by the world-renowned Japanese manufacturer HOYA, as well as the sale of highly branded glasses, is only a part of La Gatta’s DNA, a company that has been a family craft for more than 25 years and that has existed under this name since 1998. At La Gatta our most valuable asset are our employees, who are trained by the manufacturers of luxury eyewear. This has led to a strong commitment to our clients at a highly professional level.

Consequently, our customers have been with us for years, explaining the fact that the optic craft rests on recommendation. Given the product mix we have, our customers include entire families. Eyewear, as a face detail, needs to be chosen exactly to your liking, and our team is here to help you with that. Of course, quality, kindness and a sense of being in the right place are always felt at La Gatta!

Years of existence

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La Gatta luxury optical stores, located in Belgrade is one of the last independent bastions in the field of optics, offering a wide range of highly sought eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Today, La Gatta is the exclusive distributor of Serbia and Montenegro working with Kering Eyewear, providing high quality products, from fashion luxury brands such as Gucci, Balenciaga, Cartier and many more.

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The frames you wear can say a lot about your personality. You can have a pair of glasses that showcase your fun loving side on the weekends and a pair that emphasizes your get down to business tone during the week. Adorn your face with your favorite color or detailed embellishments and flare.

Choose either one style of frames to express your personality or have a small collection of frames on hand to easily alter your appearance to suit your mood. 


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